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LUCKNOW Society is a non-profit organisation which is dedicated to the cause of preservation as well as promotion of culture & heritage of Lucknow ! It was established on 25th April 2011 as a registered body under Societies Registration Act (Act XXI of 1860). ‘Let’s Unite for Culture, Knowledge, Nationalism and Objective Welfare Society’ – Team LUCKNOW has a specific agenda with every letter of its name. The management of Society is in the hands of ardent Lucknowites, who have a zeal & devotion to face lift the culture & traditions of the city. ‘Save Our Heritage’ is to highlight the cause of the monuments of Lucknow. Some of the monuments have been completely destroyed after 1857 and much more are in state of continous decay. The Society aims to act as a bridge between the government departments and non-governmental organizations and every admirer of the city to publicize, promote & contribute towards the cause of the preservation of monuments. With all such tools and measures, we are making the youths aware about our Lucknow city and this will make them more connected to the heritage and culture along with the modernisation.



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Shamim A. Aarzoo - Founder

Dedicated for the Preservation & Promotion of Lucknow. Post Graduate in Commerce, whereas expert of Digital Marketing. Photography is a passion and Literature is a hobby !
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Dr. Roshan Taqui - Special Advisor

Ph.D from Lucknow University on ‘Lucknow Monuments – Preservation, Conservation Solutions’. His books have been published, all being related to Lucknow and are widely appreciated by the people and more than 100 libraries are credited with the same.

Our Heritage

Explore .... Charm and the fascination of Lucknow


“Lucknow Hum Par Fida Hai Hum Fida-e Lucknow,
Kya Hai Taaqat Aasmaan Ki Jo Churaae Lucknow”

Charm and the fascination of Lucknow is famous across globe. The city is famous for its Ganga – Jamuni Tehzeeb along with the Nazakat & Nafasat of lifestyle as well as the sophistication of the Zabaan-e Lucknow. Sincere efforts are needed to preserve and promote the cause of Lucknow monuments. Some of the monuments have been completely destroyed after 1857 and much more are in state of continous decay. Inspite of the several laws and dedicated government bodies as well as non-government organizations, the present status is pathetic. We all have to come forward to save monuments and make this campaign impactful…..Much more has to be updated and it is in process !

“Mujh Se Subh Shaam Shikwa Kar Raha hai Lucknow,
Dekh Tujh Mein Dheere Dheere Mar Raha Hai Lucknow”

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